Should I get NOW Broadband?

Everything you need to know about NOW Broadband

Aside from TV packages, the company sells broadband packages too, under the name NOW Broadband.

Its packages are primarily based around simplicity - you pick a broadband option (one-month contracts are available), and a phone plan. Then, if you want some telly too, you can add on a NOW TV pass. Simple and easy - which is how we like it.

But is NOW Broadband worth getting? Read on to find out exactly what you can get from NOW Broadband, what’s good, what’s bad, and how to find the best deal.

What does NOW Broadband do?

NOW Broadband asks you to make three big choices: which type of broadband, and what phone plan you want. Once you've made your broadband order, you can also add a TV Entertainment Pass, comprising 11 on-demand channels including Sky One and Sky Atlantic.

There are three broadband options available:

  • Brilliant Broadband: Average speeds of 11Mb
  • Fab Fibre: Average speeds of 36Mb
  • Super Fibre: Average speeds of 63Mb

Next, pick a contract type:

  • No contract: rolling monthly, cancel anytime. Setup fee applies
  • Saver: 12-month contract. No setup fee

Finally, there are three phone plans available:

  • Pay as you use: standard call rates, no inclusive calls
  • Evening and Weekends: inclusive landline calls between 7pm and 7am Monday to Friday, and all day on Saturday and Sunday
  • Anytime Calls: inclusive landline calls 24/7

If you want to add TV to watch online and on demand, you can add a TV pass once your package is complete.

What NOW TV passes can I get?

When your broadband order is complete, you can add a TV pass. The Entertainment Pass gets a discount if you also take NOW Broadband, but you can add others too. As for what you get with each pass:

  • Entertainment Pass - 11 on-demand channels, including Sky One and Sky Atlantic, and 250 box sets. The full list: ABC, Comedy Central, Discovery, Fox, Gold, ITV Encore, MTV, Nat Geo Wild, Sky 1, Sky Arts, Sky Atlantic, Sky Witness, and Viceland.
  • Sky Cinema Pass - formerly known as Sky Movies. Gives you more than 1,000 movies to watch on demand, Sky Cinema live channels, and one new premiere each week.
  • Sports Pass - the full suite of Sky Sports channels, covering Premier League football, Formula One, golf majors, and more. See our Sky Sports guide for more information.
  • Kids Pass - six children’s channels, including Nickelodeon, Boomerang and Cartoon Network. Perfect for the little ‘uns - and the young at heart of course.

NOW Broadband - should you go contract or no-contract?

One notable string to NOW Broadband's bow is that it’s one of the few widely available providers that offers contract-free broadband. It operates on a rolling monthly basis, which gives you the flexibility to switch, cancel, or upgrade at any time. On the downside, you will have to pay a one-off setup fee.

Of course, the NOW Broadband Combo is also available on a 12-month contract, which waives the setup fee entirely. Ultimately, the choice comes down to: do you want to pay a little extra for flexibility, or commit to a year and pay less? Only you can answer that one.

What’s good about NOW Broadband?

  • Bundles broadband, TV and phone together
  • Keeps things simple and lets you build the package you want
  • Superfast fibre optic broadband available - perfect for families, shared households and heavy users
  • Multiple phone plans available to suit everyone, from super chatty types, to those who barely call anyone
  • No-contract broadband gives you flexibility to switch at any time
  • 12-month contracts also available if you prefer to spend less upfront
  • Gives you loads to watch, both live and on-demand
  • Can watch on-demand content on TV, computers, games consoles, smartphones, tablets and more
  • Entertainment Pass gives you some Sky channels, including Sky Atlantic - the home of Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and other hit US shows
  • More than 250+ box sets available to watch at any time
  • More than 1,000 films on demand with Sky Cinema pass - plus a new premiere every day
  • Sports Pass gives you every single Sky Sports channel

What’s bad about NOW Broadband?

  • Fibre optic broadband not available everywhere
  • Setup costs apply if you go no contract
  • Can't get a set-top box included with your broadband package
  • Fewer channels than Sky or Virgin Media TV
  • Although catch-up and live TV are available in full 1080p HD, some streamed content is only 720p
  • No broadband-only option - you need line rental as well
  • Monthly bills can add up if you take multiple TV passes together

See our full NOW Broadband review for more info.

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