Gigaclear is ultrafast... but is it ultra-good?

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There's fast broadband... and then there's Gigaclear. This provider is all about ultrafast speed, with download speeds of an incredible 900Mb - that's jaw-droppingly speedy, and leaves most other providers playing catch-up.

But is it too fast for its own good? Should you demonstrate more haste, less speed and compare your options, or should getting Gigaclear be the quickest decision you've ever made? Read on to find out.

How do I get Gigaclear?

Getting Gigaclear couldn't be any - heh - giga-clearer. Simply compare deals, either on this page or with our comparison tool. We’ll show you all the deals you can get, including any special offers, free gifts or cashback. You can even see how Gigaclear compares to other providers, making it really easy to find the best value deal.

One thing to bear in mind, however, is that Gigaclear still has a lower coverage footprint than other providers. If you compare broadband and Gigaclear doesn't show up, it may be that it simply isn't available in your area. In that case, you may need to look at superfast providers like Virgin Media as the next best thing.

What does Gigaclear do?

Gigaclear offers four packages, designed to suit different types of users. They're all pretty fast though. Here's what you can get:

  • Go 30: Average 30Mb download speeds and unlimited downloads. Suitable for small households who want to stream music, TV, movies and more without much buffering.
  • Go 300: Average 300Mb download speeds and unlimited downloads. This is pretty darn fast - perfect for heavy users who like to watch online video in the best quality, gamers or even people who like to work from home, and large families with lots of people connecting to the internet at the same time.
  • Go 900: Okay, this is as good as it gets. Average 900Mb broadband is extremely speedy, and will suit almost anyone willing to pay for it, be they gamers, home workers, film fans or people in a large house share. Unlimited downloads too.

All packages have a minimum 18 month contract term. For an extra charge, you can upgrade to 1Gb broadband for 48 hours, or get a static IP.

Gigaclear installation

Gigaclear uses its own network, so you may need to install the cables before you can use it. The company provides a connection point between your property and the street, but not the final installation. Typically, there are two options for this:

  • Independent installation - Installing Gigaclear is pretty straightforward - the provider will send you the cables, the router and detailed instructions, and you can set it all up yourself. It's not at all complicated, and because there's no additional charge (unless you need extra-long cables), this is the preferred option for most people.
  • Engineer visit - In some cases, Gigaclear will send an approved installer to come to your property and do it for you. Naturally, you'll have to pay for this, with the precise charge dependent on the distance between the entry point of the cable in your property and the ground the cable must be laid in.

Where is Gigaclear available?

Gigaclear is currently found in a few villages, but is expanding to more rural locations across the UK. The easiest way to see if Gigaclear is available in your area is to use our postcode checker. We'll show you all the deals you can get, and how much they cost.

What's the best Gigaclear deal?

The best Gigaclear deal depends largely on what exactly you want to do online, and how many people are sharing the connection. For example, that average 900Mb is awfully tempting - it's a big number - but it might be overkill for some users. Think about what you actually need from your package. Some things to consider might include:

  • How many people will share the connection - the more people that use the internet at the same time, the slower the connection will be for all. Fortunately, Gigaclear's packages are all good enough to support multiple users, but the faster the package, the better your experience will be.
  • Do you want to watch 4K video - Some video services like Netflix can show some things in 4K resolution. That visual quality requires a very fast, stable connection… and that's exactly what Gigaclear provides.
  • How much of a gamer you are - The faster your broadband, the better it will be for gaming. We don't just mean playing online either - much of modern gaming requires download updates, extra content and even full games. A nippier connection means you can spend less time waiting and more time actually playing. Find out more with our gaming page.
  • How much you can afford - Gigaclear delivers incredible speeds, but they don't come cheap. Try to balance the speed of the package with the amount you want to pay. If you find it's too much, compare against other providers to see if you can find a more affordable deal elsewhere.

What's the cheapest Gigaclear deal?

The cheapest Gigaclear package is the Go 30 package. That gives you enough speed for a small or medium-sized household to browse the web, watch videos, download games and more.

Bear in mind that many broadband packages change price as providers launch special offers or throw in free gifts, so make sure you compare broadband deals to check you're getting the best current price.

What's good about Gigaclear?

  • Incredible ultrafast speeds
  • Different packages to suit different users
  • Excellent for families or shared households
  • Fast enough to stream video in HD or 4K
  • Fast, stable connection make it ideal for gamers
  • Good for video calls
  • Can upgrade to fastest speeds for 48 hours for a small charge
  • Useful extras like static IPs available

What's bad about Gigaclear?

  • Only available in a few areas right now
  • Quite expensive compared to other providers
  • May have to pay a connection fee and activation fee
  • May be more speed than very light users really need

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