POV on ASA ruling on advertising transparency

We wholly support and welcome the ASA’s ruling – indeed, it is something we have been speaking to Ofcom about for some time, so it is great to finally see the change come.

From our research it was clear that customers were confused by pricing, meaning they were missing out on the best deals from their current provider and others should they want to switch. 83% of consumers see this as a positive step in helping them find the best deal. After all, you don't see "buy this pen for £1!" and have tucked away in the terms "plus £110 for the ink". This change means that many more customers will now truly know what they are currently paying, what they should be paying, and importantly being able to compare the two costs quickly and clearly, allowing them to save or switch with confidence.

That said, even more can be done to help consumers get a better service and save money - 80% of consumers would like to see average and minimum guaranteed speeds at their address (rather than just an "up to" for their postcode), and 77% of consumers would like to receive a notification when their current deal comes to an end (similar to insurance). The theme we see again and again is that consumers want more clarity on what things really mean, comfort that there are no hidden costs, and confidence that they will get the service they expect when they switch.

- Mark Irwin, MD, broadbandchoices

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