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  • How much data do I need icon

    How much data do I need on a mobile contract?

    Picking the right allowance on a new mobile deal can feel daunting - after all, you’re probably going to be stuck with it for a couple of years. More »

  • Kids using smartphones

    Mobile plans for kids - what should I choose?

    Picking out a mobile plan for yourself is difficult enough… let alone choosing one for a child or a teenager. What do kids these days want from a phone?… More »

  • Mobile price increase during contract icon

    Mobile price rise: Can I cancel my contract?

    When you take out a mobile plan, you promise to pay a certain price each month. But sometimes that price goes up mid-contract. What the heck? More »

  • Android and iOS

    Switching between iOS and Android - a stress-free guide

    With fab handsets like the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 on the market, it’s no shocker that tons of us are changing from iOS to Android or from… More »

  • Festival apps icon

    Top 10 essential festival apps

    Going to Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds or one of the many other festivals taking place this summer? Then download the likes of Find My Friends, Festival Ready, and Shazam before… More »

  • Kids using smartphones

    What is an MVNO, and should I get a mobile deal with one?

    Make very nauseous owls? Maybe videos need observation? Malicious vampires not okay? Hmm, no, that doesn’t sound right. So what exactly does MVNO mean? And are they any good? More »

  • Existing customer icon

    All about ‘existing customer only’ mobile deals

    Most mobile deals are available to anyone, but others have an elite-looking label on them that says they’re for ‘existing customers only’. But what does that mean? And are… More »

  • LG G5

    LG G5: What's it like, and how do I get one?

    On first glance, the LG G5 looks to be a full-blooded flagship smartphone, with all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from the top tier of handsets.… More »

  • Lost my phone icon

    Help! I’ve lost my phone

    Having your mobile phone vanish can be terrifying. There goes your means of communicating, your calendar, your alarm clock, that cool driving game you downloaded the other day… the… More »

  • 5G icon

    What is 5G, and when will it launch?

    In the exciting world of mobile telecoms, a single term is on everyone's lips right now: 5G. It promises to make our mobile internet faster, smoother, and generally better… More »

  • Android

    Cheap Android phones 2022

    These days, a new Android phone can cost as much as a second-hand car and, understandably, not everyone can afford the hefty price tags. More »

  • iPhone Vs Android icon

    Best iPhone alternatives 2022

    Looking for an iPhone alternative with a lower price-tag? We’ve got all the information you’ll need below: More »

  • Mobile security icon

    10 ways to make your smartphone more secure

    Your smartphone is a hive of personal info and files, which makes it worrying that there are so many ways its security can be compromised. You’ve got malware, phishers,… More »

  • Best smartphones for health and fitness icon

    5 best phones for health and fitness

    Mobile phones are fast becoming a surprisingly good sport accessory - and not just for ringing someone for a lift home after you’ve jogged out to the middle of… More »

  • Apps for Android and iPhones icon

    13 essential apps for your smartphone

    Got a smartphone with a load of storage space, and no idea what apps to fill it up with? Whether it's an iPhone, Android, or a Windows Phone, we've… More »

  • Young woman using a smartphone

    A parent’s guide: What are the best phones for kids and teenagers?

    You remember their first words as if it happened yesterday - and now they’re already badgering you for a mobile phone. But which handset is best for your son… More »

  • Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 & Samsung Galaxy S7

    Best contract phone deals in August 2022

    With more than a million different contract deals to choose from, picking the right phone deal is tricky. You’ve got to consider how many minutes, texts and data you… More »

  • Using an iPhone 4

    Mobile financing plans - a different way to get a phone contract

    If you’ve got a mobile phone, chances are you got it on a contract: you pay a network every month for two years, and in return you get a… More »

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

    Samsung Galaxy S8 - What's it like?

    Samsung had a lot to live up to with the Galaxy S8. The S7 was just about the perfect phone, and the Note 7 was an unmitigated disaster -… More »

  • Phone battery life

    8 tips to save your Android's battery life

    Some Android smartphones are loaded up with huge long-lasting batteries, and super high-tech battery-saving technology to go with them. Other Androids… not so much. More »

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