Can I cancel BT Sport and Sky Sports because of the Coronavirus?

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In light of Premier League games, F1 and top-flight rugby being replaced by a daily diet of re-runs, it’s not unreasonable to want to cancel or suspend your paid-for sports TV subscription. We take a look at where you stand legally, whether you’ll be liable for any charges to cancel and how to go about it.

With Premier League, Aviva Premiership Rugby, Formula 1 and The Grand National suspended or cancelled, paid-for TV sports services’ schedules are looking increasingly bare.

So what does that mean for subscribers who’ve paid for BT Sport and Sky Sports and aren’t getting the crown-jewels sports events they wanted to see?

Will Sky and BT allow you cancel? And if so, how do you do so? Read on and we’ll take a look.

Sky Sports Coronavirus policy and how to cancel

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The policy and method of suspending Sky Sports differs depending on whether you're a BT, Sky or Virgin Media broadband customer.

We'll walk you through each in turn...

Cancelling Sky Sports for Sky broadband customers

While you can’t cancel your Sky Sports because of the Coronavirus, Sky is allowing its customers to pause their Sky Sports subscriptions for no charge.

Better still, Sky has made it very easy to do so, so you won’t have to wait in a long queue to speak to a customer service rep.

To cancel, call Sky on 0800 151 2747 and say ‘cancel Sky Sports.’ After which point, you’ll be asked if you want to suspend your subscription. The whole process takes 30 seconds.

If you’d prefer to do it online, you can pause your subscription via Sky’s site.

The good news is that while your subscription is paused, you’ll still be able to watch Sky Sports channels. These will continue to broadcast, with a schedule largely made up of classic matches and sports documentaries.

When sport resumes again, Sky will automatically start your Sky Sports subscription again.

NB: This procedure for suspending your Sky Sports subscription applies to Sky broadband customers. If you’re a Virgin Media or BT customer with Sky Sports, the situation is different…

Cancelling Sky Sports for Virgin Media broadband customers

Like Sky, Virgin Media is allowing you to suspend your subscription payments and will let you to watch Sky Sports channels for free until the sporting program fills up again.

To take action, head to Virgin Media's site. Once you've typed in your details, Virgin Media will make the change "as soon as possible".

As with Sky, the subscription will resume automatically when Sky Sport's previous schedule resumes. So you won't need to do anything at your end.

Cancelling Sky Sports for BT broadband customers

BT isn’t offering the option to suspend your Sky Sports subscription. But is crediting customers with 50% of their monthly sport subscription for June. You can claim it by logging into your BT account.

BT Sport Coronavirus policy and how to cancel

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Having previously failed to implement a Sky-style fast and easy way for customers under contract to cancel their sports package during the Coronavirus, BT is now offering 50% off your BT Sport subscription for June. That works out about right, given that Premier League games are returning to BT from 17th June.

To claim your cash back, simply visit BT’s website and log in to your BT account.

If your BT Sport package is part of a larger bundle, you’ll only get a discount for the cost of BT Sport part of your package.

You’ll also be able to donate 50% of your subscription charge for June to the Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal, a charity run by the NHS.

Of course, if you’re out of contract with BT at the moment you will be able to suspend or cancel your BT Sport contract for no charge.

We can also confirm that customers who’ve recently signed up for a BT broadband and TV deal with BT Sport with one of BT’s new flexible TV packages system can cancel their BT Sport pack.

Cancelling BT Sport for Virgin Media or Sky broadband customers

If you're a Virgin Media customer, you'll be able to pause your BT Sport subscription. To do so, head to Virgin Media's site

It's not clear if Sky customers can pause BT Sport. But with sports about to resume, it seems unlikely that this will be offered now.

We'll share any new information, on this page.

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